Percentage of Completion Method Definition and Examples

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The To Date parameter of the Generate Revenue process is a date that is on or after the last day of the current accounting period. Override percent complete after the update from project progress. ProjectManager is award-winning software that connects teams to work more productively. Whether you’re working side-by-side, across different departments or across the country, our real-time data keeps everyone on the same page. Plan, monitor and report on progress and work more efficiently.


When the revenue recognition method is Percentage of Completion, the Method can be Profit Percentage or Percentage of Completion. The revenue recognition method must be Percentage of Completion. XYZ Ltd. took a contract to build an airport at a contract price of $125 million. The estimated cost for the contract is $100 million within three years. The contract price of units delivered is used to recognize revenue.

The next step is figuring out how to prepaid rent for percent complete. By calculating the percent complete of a task, you can see how much has been completed and how much work is left. It’s a quick and easy way to determine if you’re on target or falling behind, which is essential for delivering a successful project. While using the input method of measurement, the IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers provides detailed guidance on the treatment of ‘uninstalled materials’ as it affects the revenue recognized. This is because the cost related to uninstalled materials does not represent the contractor’s progress in satisfying a performance obligation. Additionally, in order for your revenue estimates with PoC to be accurate, you must be reasonably assured that you will collect on your receivables according to the timeline laid out in the contract.

How to Calculate Percent Complete in Project Management

Select this method to recognize revenue on the basis of percentage of completion of a project/extension. The recognition of revenue with reference to the stage of completion of a contract is often referred to as the percentage of completion method. Let us assume a corporation got a long-term construction contract. The project is estimated to run for 5 years and will cost approx. $10 million (approx. estimate), and the total revenue is estimated to be approx. Let us say it is the end of the first year and the cost incurred till now is $2000.

Shortly after the scandal broke, the CEO was forced to resign, and half the Board of Directors stepped down. Under Sec. 460, taxpayers with long-term construction contracts must generally use the percentage-of-completion method to determine their reportable income. Next, we subtract the contract revenue recognized to date through the prior period from the recognized revenue to obtain the result in the present accounting period. The completion percentage can be improved by setting clear goals, tracking progress, and making informed decisions about resource allocation and project management.

What Is a Notice of Completion?

But you enter $B$10 as an absolute reference because you want to leave the denominator fixed on B10 when auto-filling the formula down to row 9. This is how you normally calculate percentages in school and everyday life. Computing percentage in Microsoft Excel is even easier since Excel performs some operations for you automatically, in the background. The term "per cent" is derived from the Latin per centum, meaning "by the hundred".

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A thorough understanding of its advantages and implications will help make you a better employee, manager, or company leader. There is another method for estimating percentage of completion called survey method which is based on the physical progress of the contract. Under this method engineers and other experts observe the activities and determine their judgment of the percentage of work completed. There are two main conditions for the use of the percentage of completion method. First, collections by the company must be reasonably assured; second, the company must be able to reasonably estimate costs and the rate of project completion.

How to Use the Percentage of Completion

Construction billing software should address issues that cause inaccuracies and slow down the billing process. It can also help you import the data you need for accurate percentage of completion calculations. Once you have the POC formula in place, filling out the income statement should be a breeze. Unfortunately, like all matters of construction billing and invoices, there can be complications with the POC.

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The percentage of completion method of accounting requires the reporting of revenues and expenses on a period-by-period basis, as determined by the percentage of the contract that has been fulfilled. The current income and expenses are compared with the total estimated costs to determine the tax liability for the year. For example, a project that is 20% complete in year one and 35% complete in year two would only have the incremental 15% of the revenue recognized in the second year. The recognition of income and expenses on this work-in-progress basis applies to the income statement, but the balance sheet is handled the same way as the completed contract method.

There are three ways to track the percent complete, the first being using your professional judgment. You can meet with the team and use your experience with past projects to predict the percent complete. For example, if you have a task that has a duration of 10 days and five days have been completed, or the actual duration, then the percent complete is 50 percent.

Completion Percentage Calculator

Using percent complete income recognition requires some specific data that can be difficult to gather if you aren’t using construction accounting software. If your company is looking to transition to percentage of completion revenue recognition, consider changing to a software package that supports it. The work in progress report provides a summary of the information used in the percentage of completion calculation. Accounting for income and expenses can present a real challenge for contractors, especially on long-term projects.

  • To calculate the percentage, divide by the number of all scores.
  • However, it can also mean using unpaid invoices to calculate the costs.
  • For many of them, the bulk of their revenue comes from longer projects that can take months to finish.
  • The idea of this option is to provide the %completion based on the stories that are assigned to the team.
  • This includes units produced/delivered, milestones and appraisal of results achieved.

For example, if the percent complete shows tasks are lagging, the project manager can reallocate resources to get back on schedule and keep the project on track. It serves the task management plan, which is a process to monitor your team’s tasks from start to finish. Knowing how much the team has done at any given time in the project helps project managers see if the work is on schedule. Percent complete is a way to track the progress your team is making when executing their tasks. Also called project complete percentage, it shows how much work has been done and how much work there is to do.

This data is delivered in real time throughout the software to help you keep your project on schedule. The completion of work is measured by the percentage of efforts expended till date as compared to estimated total effort expected to be expended for each contract. The percentage of completion is based on labor hours, machine hours or material. Once you’ve determined that PoC is a good fit for your organization, then you need to have a plan for implementation.

The process used for this accounting technique is called the percentage of completion method. For most working taxpayers, accounting for income is as simple as keeping a record of W2 documents they receive from their employer. If you run your own business, you must keep up with costs and received income for sales of products or services.

A company uses the percentage-of-completion method to account for a 4-year construction contract.... The following formula calculates percent complete revenue event amounts for the contract line. Oracle Fusion Project Billing uses the percent complete revenue method to recognize revenue as progress is measured and recorded.


If the total estimated cost of a project is $100,000, that figure includes supplies and labor. This means you can calculate the percentage completed on a project using more than one indicator. You can calculate the percentage of completion for contractors by using costs, units, or labor hours. No matter what method you choose, it's important to be consistent.

These differences in the billing amount are recorded as journal entries in the general ledger. They increase or decrease the amount of revenue recognized on the income statement and create an asset or a liability on the balance sheet. This means the contractor can recognize half of the total revenue for the project. If the contract is for $120,000, the contractor would record revenue of $60,000 for the period, which would be reflected in their income statement.

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