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online business marketplace also helps to facilitate communication by scheduling calls with the seller, and their team vets the store’s data so you can be sure everything’s legitimate and accurate. Contacting Online Business Owners DirectlyYou can also contact online business owners directly and ask if they’re interested or willing in putting their online business up for sale. There are many options, such as real estate websites, product-based, lead generation businesses, and subscription-based, to name a few. You should choose the business revenue model that best fits your short and long-term plans. Furthermore, Flippa offers a ‘Website Broker’ service to make selling your website stress-free. The broker will market your business in the best possible way and help you fetch a good selling price.

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It has different business listings, including industry type, sales channel, business type, location, and more. Empire Flippers has helped people buy and sell over $400+ million worth of online businesses. When you look for a business, you’d have to have a particular process that you’re using to help qualify or disqualify these sites, and you’re working as you said.

Competition is tough, so any advantage you can give yourself will end up being a smart investment move. The current firm helps clients by offering valuations, targeted marketing, employee stock ownership assistance, and dissolution of partnership. One of the top business brokers in California, Western Business Sales is located in the San Francisco Bay area.

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Crafting fun stuff with letters and words – that’s what Vladimir is good at. Oh, that, and making sure that everything is reader-friendly and smooth, so you don’t get bored by technical stuff. By the way, he’s also the Odys Podcast host, who digs the best out of the show’s guests (at least, he’s trying his best, let’s give him that). Moreover, The Website Flip offers several courses including those covering website flipping and aged domains to name a few. The choice is to hire a broker to handle the entire process. Each business is different than the other, and so are the modes of valuation.

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Cboe Digital closes on investments from Robinhood, Virtu ....

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Finally, find out whether current customers are happy with the business. It will give you accurate insights into the business you purchase. Maybe the owner never hired a Conversion Rate Optimization service before.

We help eCommerce businesses master their finances.

Monthly traffic is one of the essential metrics to look for while buying an online business. To sell your domain name, you either spread the word through your industry contacts or list it on online marketplaces. Highlight your other business ventures and the merits of your business to make it more appealing. While selling ecommerce websites, peer-to-peer recommendations also help. Therefore, use your contacts in the business to spread the word around.

  • You get above that and you’re looking at bigger companies, you’re going to private equity or whatever.
  • If you have a website that is $60,000 or less, this company is best suited for your needs.
  • Any of these top picks will be able to help you with the process of putting your business on the market and catching a great buyer.
  • While selling ecommerce websites, peer-to-peer recommendations also help.

But if you go with a broker, they will do most of the heavy lifting for you in terms of verifying revenue/traffic and digging deep into the site for red flags. Because they are a smaller brand, many of the listings on their site are can be bought for well under six figures. There is even a site being listed for sale for $999 right now. Although there are a lot of shit listings, they do have a fair amount of listings that are in the four-to-five figure range. They also have by far the largest inventory of active listings.

#2. Best For Buying Large Online Businesses: FE International

The large the business the higher the value that the business will sell for. As you can see from the graph the larger the business the higher the selling multiple. So a business that sold for 6 million on average sold for a multiple of 3.5 times earnings which would mean that it was making $1.7 million in profit per year. Latonas have a supply of experienced online website brokers at your disposal who will thoroughly review your business model.


These kinds of sites are better sold DIY, through a marketplace, or just put on minimum possible effort mode to keep making some money while you get the rest of your life in order. Brokers have incentive to sell high, of course; they want to make money themselves. A site like Flippa doesn’t care if you sell for peak value; they make their money based on a high volume of sales, not high quality individual sales. A broker might only close on one or two website deals a month – deals can take a week to up to six months to finalize – and they want to make the most of it. A broker will likely take 10% of the sale price, so selling for more makes them more. In other words, the company serves as a middleman, relieving the stress from the participants of each transaction.

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Trustiu is a broker that assists its clients to buy and sell the digital property. The mode of completing deals between buyers and sellers is meant to ensure that both parties benefit from them. FE International is essentially a merger and acquisition advisory team, specializing in selling websites and unifying businesses in the content, e-commerce, and SaaS industries.

Find out the correct worth of your business through its free valuation tool. Auction – You can use Shopify Exchange’s auction feature to bid on an online business of your choosing. It’s one of the most popular marketplaces for selecting the most suitable business to buy and sell. While some want to start from scratch, buying a successful company is a great way to jump onto the business bandwagon.

Before https://trading-market.org/ing Acquisitions Direct, the team developed, ran, and sold their own internet-based businesses. They completely understand the online marketplace and we bring value to the process that is unmatched by the competition. Every day, hundreds of ecommerce business owners search for “website brokers near me”. Digital Exits is a boutique brokerage company – it's small, and you'll get great service from them. Their listings vary, so check them often, and you'll see digital services businesses, eCommerce, in-person IT services, commercial cleaning, etc.

You’re looking for online businesses for sale Empire Flippers is worth exploring. Every Monday Empire Flippers publishes a new list of businesses for sale on their marketplace. As a seller, you likely want to keep your sale the hush-hush.

Since I sold my last website in February of 2017, the online business brokerage sector has grown tremendously. I had very few options for myself when I tried to sell my website. If you are someone with some discretionary income, you may opt to buy a site that has already been built instead of building one from the ground up. Building niche sites, authority sites, or blogs have grown quite a bit in the last few years. But don’t let that fool you, building niche/authority sites take a lot of time and effort.

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Crypto broker Genesis slashes 20% of workforce and announces CEO exit after loans soured.

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Green Life Business Group Inc is a little bit different from some of the other brokerage firms we have listed. Mergers, acquisitions, and many different consulting services. They also offer business consulting and valuations so you know exactly what your business is worth and how you can get where you are going. They were founded in the late 1970s as a small family real estate business.

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