Czech womens struggle for job equality highlights enduring gender inequity

No one knows how many women were affected, but campaigners believe there were several hundred victims. As mentioned earlier, there are all kinds of outdoor activities on offer, so why not include a tour of Czech castles? You’ll need to allow plenty of time… There are over 200 castles in the Czech Republic, which makes it the most castle-rich country in Europe. Some of the most beautiful include Prague Castle , Orlik , Cesky Krumlow and Cervena Lhota, a gorgeous red castle surrounded by gardens and a pond. And if you fancy staying within the Czech Republic, there are many beautiful sites to see. Alternatively, you could head south into wine country and tour the traditional vineyards and villages by bicycle. Another possibility is Cesky Krumlow , a UNESCO-protected village which looks as if it hasn’t changed in 500 years, with a rushing river, medieval houses and winding lanes, all watched over by the spectacular edifice of the town’s ancient castle.

This documentary profiles a variety of Czech women—a rock singer, a factory worker, a private farmer, the wife of a former Communist Party leader, and the owner of a small business, among others—to show the ways in their their lives are changing. “Thousands of women, the majority of whom were Roma, were sterilized in the former Czechoslovakia. Women were coerced into signing consent forms, often while they were in labour or recovering from Caesarean sections. This was a gross violation of their rights, including the right to be free from torture, or ill-treatment; and a shameful chapter in the country’s history. “Addressing these forms of human rights violations would require a strong commitment on the level of the central government and the local authorities, and an acknowledgment that Roma are equal citizens whose rights must be protected,” said Cernusakova.

The Czechs’ history with the Germans is their most sensitive one, and too often tiptoed around with a finger to the lips. (Němci, the word for “Germans” in Czech, is derived from the word for “mute,” the book’s very title suggesting that silence.) Katalpa here focuses on the Sudetenland, the German name for the Czech border region that Hitler used as an excuse to occupy the Czech lands. This novel is written with a compelling zeal and engaging style that make it impossible to put down. It shines a spotlight on a long-neglected episode in Czech history, and exposes the devastating effects of social cycles that operate on the premise of collective guilt, which sanctions crimes against a population based solely on ethnicity.

  • Similarly, several polls have highlighted that female workers are much more likely than men to attribute a lack of success in their professional lives to themselves, rather than to exterior factors.
  • This novel is written with a compelling zeal and engaging style that make it impossible to put down.
  • Domestically, relevant ministries are the leading actors in the implementation of the Czech NAP in relevant categories, as described in the NAP.
  • This is done with a view to ensure that relevant bodies will be able to respond to ongoing challenges and problems arisen in connection with the implementation of the WPS Agenda.

Representing 60% of university graduates, they account for less than 45% of the workforce. In the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report, the Czech Republic ranks 78th out of 156 countries, the fifth lowest score among EU economies. And despite being tied at the first place in the education attainment category, the country drops below 100 when it comes to wage equality. Czech women earn on average 20% less than their male counterparts, one of the highest gender pay gaps among EU countries, and up to 40% less in some male-dominated sectors like banking and finance.


The women, most of whom were Roma, will be awarded 300,000 Czech crowns (£10,000) from the government as compensation. Ten Roma women, including Elena Gorolová, right, who was sterilised aged 21, protesting at Ostrava hospital last year over the illegal sterilisations.

Political Participation

Please complete this reCAPTCHA to demonstrate that it's you making the requests and not a robot. If you are having trouble seeing or completing this challenge, this page may help. The time is ripe for presses that, until now, have been translation-shy to find new authors and reach new readers. Lomová is the most popular Czech comics author abroad, thanks to prize-winning translations of her works in France, where the form has a devoted following. Winner of the 2013 Magnesia Litera prize for fiction, this partly autobiographical novel tells the story of Ema Černá, a middle-aged divorcée, who has to undergo psychiatric treatment. In the hospital, she meets women suffering from various kinds of addiction, and grapples with her own vivid memories, hallucinations, dreams and the harsh reality. The ceiling of her hospital room becomes a metaphor of her desire for freedom, a screen onto which the past and present, and fantasies and reality are projected, interweaved.

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